This is an Alternative site for Vesna Tinodi who, with her husband Damir, runs the Wellness and Art Centre in Lurline Street Katoomba, NSW, Australia.

Vesna's gallery & publications has very similar copies of Aboriginal Art. She has upset many of the local Blue Mountains Aboriginal Community and along with Gina Sinozich and Ben Osvath have managed to offend an Aboriginal Community 3000 kilometres away as well!

The Kimberly Aboriginal People are very upset about Vesna's crew helping themselves to their Wandjina imagery so Vesna has now decided to have a Wandjina painting and drawing competition - We can't help feeling she is purposely trying to be spiteful because the Aboriginal people don't support her dreamraiser project.

Vesna's web site is:

About Vesna Tenodi and her fake Aboriginal Art

On Saturday 31st July 2010 Vesna went into a meeting of local Aboriginal groups and refused to leave when asked. The (understaffed) local police came after about 2 hours. By this time the meeting was wrecked.

Earlier in 2010, Vesna took out applications for Apprehended Personal Violence Orders against some of the Aboriginal people who had protested against her gallery. These people were present at the meeting and yet despite claiming in her court application that she is scared of them for her personal safety, she still refused to leave. It's hard not to come to the conclusion that this may have been a deliberate attempt to provoke the people present in the lead up to the Court case.

The Katoomba Court threw out Vesna's APVO application in early November 2010 but the case caused a great deal of anguish for the people involved. Unfortunately it took around 7 months for the case to be finally heard and dismissed.

Many locals feel that Vesna's gallery of fake Aboriginal art is an embarrassment to a famous tourist destination such as the Blue Mountains (NSW, Australia). Local Aboriginal community members are outraged that Vesna Tenodi is claiming in her statements that she has Aboriginal support for her art and books. She has published very private personal information that some Aboriginal people trusted her with. She claims to have the support of local performer Goomblar Wylo but this is completely untrue and he is very distressed that he has been included in her publications.

Vesna has also offended a Northern Australian Aboriginal community by publishing paintings by Gina Sinozich of their dreamtime legends as they were never intended and with no consultation or permissions. Aboriginal communities from both sides of Australia claim that Vesna and Gina have held in contempt important spiritual beliefs.

Even if you don't care about Aboriginal spiritual beliefs, we believe that making substantially similar copies of their artwork is morally wrong. Technically, copyright expires after 70 years in Australian law but there are moves to change this when it comes to important Aboriginal art. By exploiting this technicality, Vesna has successfully managed to outrage a significant number of Aboriginal people.

Vesna's Dreamraiser Project is doing an excellent job of offending as many Aboriginal people as possible. She has a "Wanjina Art painting and drawing competition", "Wanjina Rising Workshops", selling "Mini Wanjina Replicas" of her Whispering Stone Sculpture, Wanjina prints, T-shirts, and greeting cards.

Vesna had been operating her gallery without council approval and her recent application to Blue Mountains Council has resulted in her being ordered to remove her 8 tonne sandstone sculpture by Ben Osvath of the Kimberly Aboriginal's Wandjinas (see below). It would seem, however that the Council can't legally do anything about her peddling other fake Aboriginal Art and Vesna is challenging the Council decision in the Courts.




About the Sculptor who is offending the Kimberly Aboriginal Community.

Ben (Benedikt) Osvath

Qualifications: Diploma in Art (Sculpture); Graduate Diploma in Professional Art Studies; Graduate Diploma in Education.....and...he's a teacher at Matraville Sports High School.

Ben Osvath is sculpting Gina Sinozich's Wanjina drawings in stone outside Vesna's "Wellness" Centre. Ben works for the Department of Education as an Art teacher.....maybe a few relief periods in Aboriginal Studies might have given him some indication of why his sculpture is upsetting to the Kimberly Aboriginies. You have to wonder why he couldn't come up with his own ideas and felt the need to copy Gina's work who is already copying Aboriginal imagery without consultation or permission.

Ben and Vesna say that "artistic freedom" means they can do whatever they want and the Council has no right to have ordered them to remove the sculpture. This 8 tonne sculpture is a few metres from a busy tourist road.......The Council has determined that they can have all the artistic freedom they like as long as they do it somewhere where they are not inflicting it on people who don't want to see it and are offended by it.

Ben is reported in the Sydney Morning Herald as saying "But I am an art teacher, and in art it's anything goes". If he did say this, be very worried and hope that Ben doesn't end up teaching your children how rip off other people's art work.

On Vesna's web site she claims "Ben is not seeking to impress,......But he is seeking to educate." Well Vesna finally got something right as Ben is certainly not impressing the Kimberly Aboriginal Community and has educated them as to how insensitive some people can be.

Ben Osvath also teaches at the City East Community College which runs courses at Randwick Girls High School.

If you would like to talk to Ben about his project....His mobile phone number is 0417 792 189


The bad publicity is rolling in for Ben, Gina and Vesna... here are some links:

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Damir and Vesna Tenodi run an organisation called Anan-Do ( which is devoted to the teachings of Master Ananda who they claim to be the "The Master of the next level". Master Ananda, they claim is a mystic who opts for anonymity. It would seem that the Master has chosen Damir and Vesna to spread his message. Anan-Do runs Anan Press who, it would appear exclusively publish Damir and Vesna Tenodi's work.

Vesna and Damir Tenodi have written the following books published by Anan Press - Desperately seeking Yin, Which Way Home,Terapheutic (Therapeutic) martial arts,Dialogues 1989, Lohan Kung, Dialogues 1988, Yin and Ying out of their circle, New Dialogues, Dreamtime set in stone - the truth about Australian Aboriginies as requested by "Those Who Know".

The Anan Do centre in Australia is associated with the Do Centre in Zagreb, Croatia and Sensei Boro Ranitovic, Anan-Do teacher

Damir Tenodi runs these courses: Anan-Do Tai Chi, Anan-Do Chi Kung at these venues: University of New South Wales, North West Community College - Castle Hill, St George and Sutherland Community College - Kogarah, Eastern Suburbs Community College- Randwick, Croatian Wellness – CroWell Project - Hurstville.